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Sunita Pant Bansal's Biography


Sunita Pant Bansal’s forte is demystifying Hindu scriptures to show their relevance and application in today’s times. She explores and reinterprets the timelessness of characters from the epics and foundational texts in her stories, seamlessly blending mythology and history with real life.


Sunita has authored 27 books for adults and young adults decoding the philosophy of mythology and over 100 books for children on folk literature and scriptures. Her books sell in multiple languages globally. Not limiting herself to only books, Sunita has also dabbled in writing articles, columns & stories, creating jigsaw puzzles & board games, and producing short films.


In her long and illustrious career path spanning four decades, Sunita has also headed publishing houses, founded-edited newspapers and magazines for readers in India as well as in the US and UK. She has worked with giants like Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Pearson Education, The Times of India, Hindustan Times and ABP Group of newspapers and magazines.  

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