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Latest Updates

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From KRISHNA The Management Guru

Power is the ability to help people.
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Storyteller, Mythologist, Decoder of Hindu Scriptures and Bestselling Author

Sunita Pant Bansal’s forte is demystifying Hindu scriptures to show their relevance and application in today’s times. She explores and reinterprets the timelessness of characters from the epics and foundational texts in her stories, seamlessly blending mythology and history with real life.

New Release

My First Stories of Saint Kabir
His Life and Lessons 
(2024) Shree Book Centre

How did Kabir make Ram Das meet God? How did Kabir correct his guru’s mistake? Why did Kabir cry on seeing a woman grinding wheat? Why did Sikandar Lodi want to kill Kabir? 

My First Stories of Saint Kabir answers these intriguing questions and more, while narrating some interesting incidents from Saint Kabir’s life. Written in simple language and accompanied by colourful illustrations, the twelve stories show how Kabir’s philosophy was simple and practical for all. The stories showcase Kabir’s life and times. Each story ends with one of his popular couplets encapsulating the lesson hidden within that story. The couplets are translated for easy understanding and a glossary in the end helps to build vocabulary. This book is a treasure—a must-read for every child in contemporary India.

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UG Krishnamurti
On Certainty, Love, Society and Truth
(2023) Motilal Banarsidass International

UG Krishnamurti was like a vast ocean towards which many rivers flow. All his friends flow river-like through life’s ups and downs, in rage at times, flooding with emotions at others, meandering here and there, but heading ultimately towards the vast all-encompassing welcoming ocean. Those who merged with him are at peace – they may claim otherwise – ‘devastated… shattered’ are the words they prefer to use, but if they look within themselves, they would find rock-like stability in the understanding that there is nothing to understand. Then, like sand they would flow, along with the flow of the ocean.


This book is a collection of UG’s words…

undiluted, uninterrupted…culled out from his various talks and conversations.

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The Origin of Gods
and Goddesses

(2023) Shree Book Centre

The Puranas are the simplification of the Vedas and Upanishads, the main Hindu scriptures. Their entire knowledge has been transformed into stories for the ease of understanding. Sunita Pant Bansal introduces the 18 Puranas, giving the stories of their birth, the theme each one is based on, and some interesting stories from within the Puranas, like: Did you know that there were actually 22 incarnations of Vishnu? Or that all the jewels in the world were created from a demon’s body? Read on to discover more such fascinating stories written in a simple lively style complemented by equally evocative illustrations.

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The Return of
Vikram and Betaal
(2022) Readomania Publishing

Justice Vikram is at the peak of his career, riding high on his success as though there is no tomorrow – a fact that comes true in his case. He is paid a visit by Doot, the angel of death. Vikram’s time on earth is over, but Doot offers him a deal. Vikram has to solve some complicated cases. If Doot approves his verdict, Vikram gets a fresh lease of life… till Doot gives him another tough case. The deal is, if Vikram is unable to reach the right verdict, he has to leave with Doot. Sounds familiar?


Here comes the twist. The cases are based on actual criminal cases with unusual, dramatic and often unpredictable verdicts…solving which, Vikram revisits his relationships and unravels the knots that have bound him to life.


What would be his final verdict on himself?

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Everyday Gita
(2022) Rupa Publications

Bhagavadgita is the Universal Truth. It gives us knowledge of the Self and answers two important questions: Who am I? How can I lead a happy and peaceful life? On the first day of the war of Mahabharat, Arjun faced a dilemma. He had to make a choice between fighting the war and killing his teachers, friends and relatives, or running away from the battlefield for the sake of avoiding violence and preserving peace. Krishna, Arjun’s charioteer, gave him a lecture of seven hundred verses of practical wisdom, known as Bhagavadgita. At the end of which, a confident and decisive Arjun went on to fight, and ultimately won the war.

Arjun’s dilemma was, in reality, the universal dilemma that everyone faces in life while performing their duties. At the core of every dilemma stand the mind and intellect facing each other. The impulsive tendencies of the mind and the self-disciplined thoughts of the intellect fight a battle every day. Sunita Pant Bansal has condensed the practical wisdom of Krishna’s Bhagavadgita to fit into the 365 days of a calendar, simplifying them and explaining their essence in today’s context. Everyday Gita shows how to conquer our dilemmas and lead a happy, peaceful and successful life.


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The Management Guru
(2020) Rupa Publications

The twenty shades of management discussed in KRISHNA The Management Guru include leadership, strategy, team building, communication, work-life balance, stability, decision making, justifiable means, non-justifiable means, personal growth, vision statement, work etiquette, time management, greed, loyalty and so on. Culling out anecdotes from Krishna’s life, including his stint in the great war of Mahabharat, Sunita Pant Bansal has effectively showcased Krishna as the most effective CEO on earth.

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Sunita Pant Bansal is an exceptionally deep and talented writer, with a versatile style and prolific output. Her wide range of interests and her spiritual grounding lead her always to new and unexpected paths.

Namita Gokhale

Writer and Co-Director of the Jaipur Literature Festival

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