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Sunrise From My Window

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

the birds have just started chirping… asking the sun to wake up

and the sun is finally waking up, though slowly… ray by ray

starts with a pinkish glow… almost like a blush… that spreads… slowly

as though it did something naughty in the night and is too shy to come out…

like a coy bride coming out of her room to face the world with her new, now woman’s eyes

brimming with love…

then the love spills over… and spreads… and spreads

and touches everything, every soul that comes in its way

colouring them in its own colour

enveloping the cosmos in its loving arms…

… the lover and the loved become one…

everything comes alive…

shining in the shared glow of the bride… the glow of fulfilment

the sun is now ready to face the world

as I am writing this, a ray of bright sunlight enters through the window

as though telling me something, showing a path…

or just blessing…

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